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Headache and Neck Pain
Children’s headaches (e.g., migraine) exhibit no gender variation before puberty. In late adolescence, however, twice as many females report recurrent headaches.

When children has a recurrent headache, certain causes are more likely than others. As a parent you have a choice. Pain medication may alleviate some of the discomfort but they only cover the symptom and do nothing to address the underlying cause of the headache.
Recently, a long-term outcome study of headaches in childhood was completed using 11,407 participants. This is the first study on the topic using prospectively collected population based data, which confirms that children with headaches do not simply "grow out" of their complaint and may also "grow into" others.

Waiting for your child to outgrow headaches is not in their best interest. Chiropractic is a viable option.

One of the most common causes of headaches is a condition that chiropractic adjustments help to correct. The condition is called cervical spinal facet joint dysfunction or Vertebral Subluxations. It was demonstrated convincingly during the 1990's by medical researchers at the Cervical Spine Research Unit, University of Newcastle, Australia. The ten year line of research published in Spine reported the exact source of headache and neck pain in 60% of participants was facet joints in the cervical spine (neck bones). 
Recent evidence from Duke University concluded that Cervicogenic Headaches (CGH), one the common forms of headaches, was effectively treated with spinal adjustments. Chiropractic adjustments also resulted in more sustained benefit, in terms of both headache frequency and intensity, than amitriptyline medication with Tension-type (TTH) headaches.

Scientific evidence supports chiropractic adjustments as safe, effective and an appropriate choice for patients with any common forms of neck pain and headaches. Children enjoy gentle chiropractic adjustments and their parents feel more comfortable with the non-pharmacological approach of chiropractic care.

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